Let's Minimize the Carbon Footprint

Shipping Policy

At Greenline Paper Company we make an effort to consider the environment in everything we do, and this is emulated in our shipping policies. We reuse everything possible!  All packaging and packaging materials, when available will be reused to ship your order.  This is a principal that we strongly believe in and it allows us to keep shipping costs as low as possible and natural resource use to a minimum.

Your shipping charges will be quoted as a part of your on-line ordering process if requested by selecting request shipping quote.  If for any reason you do not want to place an order at that time, you may still opt out of the ordering process.

A substantial effort is made to minimize the carbon footprint of your order.  This is accomplished by a combination of resource reuse (see above) and by shipping most orders with UPS Carbon Neutral.  Contrary to some public opinion, having your products shipped through UPS Carbon Neutral as opposed to making a trip to a store, is actually a lighter carbon transaction because your products are being moved along with hundreds of other packages—it’s like your package is “riding the bus to work.”  Also, over the past decade UPS has taken a leading role in developing green initiatives like UPS Smart Pickup service, bio-diesel fuel initiatives, reforestation efforts, and the Carbon Neutral Shipping option for all GreenLine customers.  Some orders are shipped with other carriers, but if you have preference, please let us know.

Lastly, the purchase you make from GreenLine isn’t just about buying recycled—it’s about supporting a company owned and operated by like-minded individuals.  We care about what you care about, this is why we sell ONLY recycled and tree-free papers.