It Is Easier and Cheaper to Use Green Office Supplies

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At GreenLine Paper, we’re proud to support businesses in the world that are making an effort to be environmentally aware. Green office supplies are in great demand due to new environmentally friendly practices in the business world. We’d like you to know that all supplies at are socially responsible: the products we distribute are recycled, tree-free, biodegradable, non-toxic, reusable, or sustainable.

It Is Easier and Cheaper to Use Green Office Supplies

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of using green office supplies to contribute to a more sustainable world and they find that “going green” is easy. There are a variety of fairly simple ways to make your office “green”, and you don’t even have to be in an authority position to put some of them into effect.

Are the supplies for your office recycled, compostable, biodegradable, non-toxic, certified to be sustainable, or reusable? No matter how “paperless” we try to be, every office uses some paper, so green office supplies such as recycled paper and envelopes, as well as minimizing the printing out of unnecessary documents are good practices. Your office paper should be environmentally friendly and recycled, with a high content of post-consumer waste (PCW). This includes copy/laser/fax paper, letterhead and envelopes, planners, wall and desktop calendars, and even charts.

Why is it important to choose green office supplies? The manufacturing of recycled paper reduces total energy consumption, net greenhouse emissions, particulate emissions, wastewater, solid waste, and wood use as compared to traditional made from 100% virgin forest fiber. When possible, choose refillable pens and pencils over disposable ones. Ink jet (or bubble jet) printers are a better choice because they use much less energy than laser printers. Although laser printers are faster and do print better quality, ink jet printers are cheaper and cut the energy used by 75-90%. Also use recycled printer cartridges, or cartridges that can be refilled, saving you money instead of making more waste.

Offices use millions of tons of cleaning products yearly, many of which contain toxic chemicals that later find their way into our rivers and streams. To help counteract this, choose biodegradable and non-toxic soaps and cleaners combined with recycled paper towels or cloth towels. Did you know that cleaning products also represent 10 percent of the poisonings reported to Poison Centers each year? Not only are cleaning products harmful to the environment, even their packaging has negative environmental impacts. Plastic packaging, non-refillable or un-recyclable containers are filling up landfills everywhere. One last tip: if you buy your office supplies in bulk, shipping and packaging waste will be reduced. Also, remember to reuse the shipping boxes if at all possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about green office supplies, you can find more information and Green Office Supplies and products at where we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We’ll ship your order in reused cartons that are packed in recyclable paper or biodegradable “peanuts.” No polystyrene foam or plastics are used. Your green office supplies will be delivered to you in an environmentally friendly way!