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Frequently Asked Questions

If you should have an issue with products, the website, pricing, shipping policy, return policy, or any other question please call 1-800-641-1117 or email us at You may also use our paper form and fax it to 717-846-3806. Below are some typical questions and answers we often hear from our prospective customers.

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1Why should you use GreenLine Paper Company products?
At GreenLine Paper Company we pledge to meet our customer’s highest expectations for combining quality and environment in the products we represent. Since 1992, we have been dedicated to the long-term success of paper recycling and lending our greatest support to those paper mills and manufacturers showing leadership in utilizing recovered and alternative fiber sources and curtailing pollution in their manufacturing processes.
2We are a very small office and really don’t order enough to make a relationship with GreenLine worthwhile.
Unlike a lot of companies that require minimum orders, our policy is that “there is no customer too small.” We value every customer and believe we can supply quality products to your liking. Every organization, business or home uses essentials like toilet tissue, paper towels, facial tissue, napkins and computer paper. Why not make a commitment to using paper that has a positive impact on the environment?
3We already have a local office supply company that serves our needs. Shouldn’t we be supporting local companies?
Yes it makes sense to support locally-owned businesses and your local office supplier may even be providing you with green products. However, if they are also selling say, virgin paper products to their other customers, aren’t they sending a mixed message to the paper industry? By supporting an exclusively green products company like GreenLine you are helping us to grow and increase our economic clout in the marketplace. With your support, we will be demanding higher post-consumer contents in paper products and seeking the development of cleaner manufacturing methods. We have been in the green paper business for 20 years and we will continue our dedication to paper recycling and the environment for many years to come. So yes, we should support locally-owned businesses, but there are some practical exceptions to even that rule.
4What about the office supply chain stores? Occasionally I see some green products for sale there.
The chain stores sell virgin paper and occasionally some recycled products. Environmental groups have protested some of these chain stores to try to get them to change, but over time the chains usually start to revert to their old ways. That’s because the decision-makers and stockholders of the national chains are not environmentalists, so it’s not a priority for them. These corporations sell enormous amounts of virgin paper without remorse.
5I don’t like the idea of having things shipped a long distance to get to me— I am concerned about the carbon footprint, pollution and drain on our natural resources.
Update: starting in May 2011 we have initiated our UPS Carbon Neutral shipping program. It costs a little more but the planet is worth it. Please see UPS Carbon Neutral for details of their carbon offsetting activities. Just as you might save gasoline by including a stop at the office supply box store on your shopping trip, the UPS truck is already making stops in your neighborhood daily. If that is the case: ordering recycled products from GreenLine for UPS to deliver while passing by your home is also an efficient use of energy. Its like riding public transportation to work. The products you buy at the chain stores most likely go from the manufacturer to various distribution centers, then to the store before you drive out to buy them. Whereas many of our products ship from the manufacturer, to us and then to you, the end result is that purchasing our products often results in a lighter carbon footprint.