Use Recycled Products!

Use Recycled Paper

Recycled Paper Products

We cannot deny the importance of paper products in our life. However, we should not forget that paper is made from one of the most valuable resources on this planet – trees. For every sheet of virgin paper used, trees must be cut. Paper products generally have a short life cycle and are thrown away after being used. Trees, on the other hand, take many years to grow. In North America many forests are cut and later turned into tree farms. Tree farms are not biologically diverse and the result is a worldwide loss of wildlife habitat and soil erosion.

Using recycled paper, however reduces the pressure on the world’s forests because recycled paper is made from paper, not from trees. The process of recycling is specialized and not every type of paper can be mixed together. Take for example newspapers and cardboard boxes; they must be separated before they can be used to produce different recycled paper products.

Recycled paper is made after waste paper is de-inked and all fillers, clays and fiber fragments are removed from it. Then it is cooked and remanufactured back into a usable pulp.

Recycled papers benefit our environment

Paper mills require lots of energy to make paper from wood fiber. Paper fiber called cellulous must be separated from a tree’s natural glue called lignin. Several energy intensive steps must be performed to finally produce a paper sheet. Hazardous chlorine is also often used to bleach the pulp. Paper mills fulfill some of their energy needs by burning coal, oil, wood scraps and also often must purchase additional energy from the local power companies. An abundance of water is also required to manufacture paper.

Manufacturing recycled papers is advantageous because:

  1. It saves more than 40% of the energy resources.
  2. It requires less water.
  3. It saves on landfill space and helps keep methane, a greenhouse gas, from escaping from landfills.
  4. It Manufacturing of recycled papers requires fewer chemicals and bleaching materials as compared to the virgin paper production.
  5. Recycled paper production significantly decreases air and water pollution.
  6. Consider that chemicals used in paper manufacturing produce various types of by-products and gasses. Solid waste material is usually dumped somewhere on the land, liquid waste is generally flushed into streams or the sea and gasses are left in open air contributing to global warming. Recycled paper companies are comparatively more earth-friendly. They not only produce less waste but are also reducing the need to landfill or incinerate our paper waste.
  7. Paper recycling helps conserve our precious, remaining forests.
  8. Recycled paper is the choice for the present and future.  If we use recycled paper products it will not only save more trees but ultimately help save our planet from accelerated global warming.  It is said that most of the paper mills plant a new tree to replace the harvested one, but cutting a tree down takes one hour and growing a tree can take 10 years; this is an unsustainable system and very damaging to the planet.

Where you can get recycled papers from?

GreenLine Paper Company is one of the leading recycled paper distributors in USA. You can buy their environmental-friendly recycled paper products from their website ( as well as from some local co-ops near you. GreenLine Paper sells only planet-friendly paper products. Don’t get fooled by companies selling some recycled products when the bulk of their paper sales are not recycled. Spending your environmentally-conscious dollars with them only sends a mixed message to the paper industry. By supporting an exclusively green products company like GreenLine you are helping us to grow and increase our economic clout in the marketplace. With your support, they we be demanding higher post-consumer contents in paper products and seeking the development and use of cleaner manufacturing methods.

Protecting our environment from pollution is our ethical responsibility.  So next time you want to buy paper products – ask for recycled paper products. Click here to see our full range of environmental friendly recycled paper products now!

Green Cleaning Products

Tired of the drab day-in and day-out at your office?  Put some color in your day and Go Green with green cleaning products and green office products!  Green cleaning products are made from all natural, non-toxic ingredients that are not tested on animals and are designed for the office that cares about the environment now.  Why should your office start using green cleaning products?  The benefits are significant.  First, companies are starting to be more aware of protecting the planet’s valuable natural resources and promoting conservation.  Secondly, their is less water and air pollution producted during the production of recycled products.   A third benefit would be that green cleaning products are more friendly to office and facility environments.  And, finally, using refillable products saves on landfill space.  These are just a few of the important reasons to make the switch today.  With a wide selection of green cleaning products and green office products to choose from, your entire office can help make the world a better place.

Ease into green office products by starting with office paper for your copier, printers, and fax machines.  Once you realize the brightness and quality of this paper is the same as the paper you are currently using, move onto letterhead and envelopes, computer forms and flip charts.  You can even keep your entire office staff on track with green office products like calendars, planners and desk pads.  But you don’t have to stop there.  Green Cleaning Products are also available. Green Cleaning Products include:

You can supply the restrooms in your office with toilet tissue, paper towels and facial tissues.  Even your company kitchen can be stocked with paper towels, coffee filters, plates, cups, forks and knives.  It is easy to become environmentally conscious once you learn about all the green office products that are available.

Becoming an environmentally friendly and socially responsible company will allow your employees to take pride in doing their part.  Using green office products at work promotes using green cleaning products at home, too!  It is a win-win situation for our environment.

To become diligent in protecting the environment, allow Greenline Paper to supply your green cleaning products and green office products. sells true, environmentally friendly recycled office paper and products.  Browse our site to learn more about how your business can become proactive in saving the environment by using green cleaning products!