10 Green Changes Everyone Can Make for Earth Day 2018

10 Green Changes for Earth Day 2018

Conservation can help build a safer, healthier environment. As an individual there are definitely things you can do that will make a positive impact on the environment. This list of ten green changes everyone can make for Earth Day 2018 is for those who have the green spirit and want to incorporate it into their lives. Please make it Earth Day all year long by incorporating these green practices into your daily life.

Ten Green Changes Everyone Can Make

  1. Work to pass mandatory recycling & composting laws
  2. Reuse bags and egg cartons
  3. Use recycled paper products
  4. Avoid using polystyrene foam (use washables and alternatives)
  5. Start a recycling program where you work (ask us for tips)
  6. Be responsible and creative with leftover food
  7. Re-use envelopes, jars, paper bags and scrap paper
  8. Urge local restaurants to stop using foam containers
  9. Mend and repair, rather than discard and replace
  10.  Use non-toxic, biodegradable soaps and detergents

We want to wish you a Happy Earth Day 2018!

According to Wikipedia, Earth Day was first proposed as a day to honor the Earth in 1969 by John McConnell at a UNESCO conference in California on the day of the northern hemisphere’s spring equinox and the southern hemisphere’s fall equinox. A year later, US Senator Gaylord Nelson set aside Earth Day as a day to teach environmentalism on April 22, which is when we still celebrate it, 43 years later. In 1990 Denis Hayes organized Earth Day events internationally, in 141 nations.

Earth Day continues to grow, and this year it will be celebrated in more than 190 countries. At Greenline Paper we try to observe Earth Day every single day. Our founder, Steve Baker, built Greenline Paper on a philosophy of sustainability and social responsibility back in 1992. He often said, “every purchase from Greenline Paper is a trustworthy investment in a better world.”

The reason behind our Ten Green Changes Everyone Can Make

post is to inspire you to be a better steward of the earth.

Since our inception we have focused on selling quality, environmentally-sound products. We’ve grown our company with your support. We feel just being our customer means that you’ve made a unique contribution this Earth Day, and we believe that it is our responsibility to be a steward of the environment every day, providing you with office sustainable and socially responsible products. We hope these 10 Green Changes Everyone Can Make inspire you!